Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Tulip

Feeling kinda depressed? I have a solution. Go and buy some cut flowers and put them in a nice clean glass vase with fresh cold water. Flowers are for every day, and every room in the house. Don't settle for the pre-arranged ones wrapped in plastic at the corner deli. (vomit) Make your own arrangement that says something about you! Give it to some one who's sick or could use a little encouragement. And when your flowers die, get rid of them and clean your container. If your a bit tight on money that's not a problem. The next time you take a walk in the woods, take a clipping of some thing. Perhaps its a slither of moss, a few leaves, a hand full of seeds, bark from a down tree, or an old beer bottle or something. Make something out of that. Use this as a source of inspiration through out your day and to remind you that life is truly worth living.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Little Fortune Cookie Girl

This is the little fortune cookie girl. She lives in a giant fortune cookie on top of a volcano. As you can see she has a flying boat and an old transistor radio. Each morning she sets out on her flying boat to deliver fortunes to all the villagers below.

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Story board artist J.Todd Anderson has been working with the Coen Brothers for just about all their films since Raising Arizona. Anderson is a master story teller and a great lover of cinema and animation. Check out his site and discover the "Rules for a Perfect Movie". Oh and I should also mention cinematographer Roger A Deakins who like Anderson has been with the Coen Brothers for many of their greatest films starting with Barton Fink shot Fargo. He too is someone to study and admire for his keen sense of composition and lighting.

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